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Personalized donor engagement
Donor 360® can help you shorten door-to-door times, enhance donor satisfaction and recruitment, and improve donation frequency, while also helping to improve center productivity.
Available in the US only.

Haemonetics Donor 360

Engage your donors

As donor traffic increases and the pool of donation centers grows, improving and streamlining the donor experience is more important than ever. According to one analysis, the primary reasons plasma donors discontinue are related to the time required, conflicts with work and other commitments, and excessive paperwork at the center.1

First-time donations can require a substantial time commitment from donors, and many opt not to return in response to a slow, inefficient in-center experience. Even return visits can be long, and most plasma centers strive to keep door-to-door times as short as possible.


Shorten door-to-door time

Donor360® allows donors to perform time-consuming tasks outside the center, for less waiting and a shorter and better donation experience. The Donor360® New Donor app enables first-time donors to start the registration process on their mobile devices, while the Donor360® Online Questionnaire allows eligible new and returning donors to complete the health-history questionnaire before their visit.

With Donor360®, donors can learn about donating, start the process of becoming a donor and determine their eligibility to donate today. The apps also allow them to skip the kiosks at the center and check in using a simple QR code scan. Meanwhile, centers can move parts of the new donor onboarding process online, streamlining the steps that need to be completed in the center.

Donor360 Streamline

Streamline center productivity

A shorter visit is great for both new and returning donors, but it’s also beneficial to your center staff. By shifting donor tasks outside the center, Donor360® eliminates some repetitive administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus on donor needs and other work.

Donor360® gives donors self-service access to key information, which can reduce many common phone inquiries fielded by center staff. And it can help shorten center queues, which may help increase donor satisfaction and reduce stress levels for both donors and staff.

Donor360 Frequency

Increase donation frequency

When donors use the apps to start the donation process but don’t come into the center, Donor360® empowers your staff to follow up. The Donor360® New Donor app captures contact information for prospective donors in NexLynk DMS®. If they don’t present at your center, you can nurture these prospects with your marketing tools. The Donor360® Online Questionnaire app includes an in-center monitor that allows center staff to see a list of donors who have completed a questionnaire today but not come in, so staff can reach out to encourage donation.

Contact us to learn more about how Donor360® software can help you improve your donors' experience, and enhance their relationship with your organization.

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1. Rivera J & Lozano M. Plasmapheresis and plasma donation: challenges in the blood/plasma supply chain. Plasmatology. 2022;16.